Jun 10, 2014
REQUEST FOR BIDS TOWN OF WINCHESTER VILAS COUNTY The Town of Winchester, Vilas County...[Click for more]

The Town of Winchester will be accepting sealed bids for kitchen cabinets and counter tops for the Community Building.
May 06, 2014
NOTICE TOWN OF WINCHESTER The Town of Winchester will be accepting sealed bids for kitchen ...[Click for more]


Pickleball at the Winchester Park

The Pickleball court has now been painted at the Winchester Park.  The net can be checked out at the library during regular hours.  Check the library website for hours at:  People using this court, need to have their own equipment, minus the net.  Enjoy! 

Winchester Library Restoration Progress 


As of September 15, 2014 the Winchester Library is closed to begin the restoration project.  There will be limited hours at the Winchester Town Hall during the shut down period.  Hours will be 10:00-1:00 Monday's, Thursday's and Saturday's starting Monday, October 6, 2014.  I will have more information next week on service that will be available at the Town Hall.  Currently they are in the process of getting ready for the work to begin.  Work has begun replacing the windows in the office.  Once this is completed, all the books and shelving will be moved to the office area, so they are in a climate controlled environment for the winter .  Updates, including pictures, will be on this website.  Any materials that have been checked out from the Winchester Library can be returned to any Northern Waters Library (Boulder Junction, Mercer, Presque Isle, or Manitowish Waters).  If you have questions, please call 715-686-2926, and leave a message.  The voice mail will be checked and messages will be returned.  Thanks again, to all who have made this project possible!


New Internet Service Coming to Winchester

In the near future, the Town of Winchester will have another option for Internet service.   SonicNet. will be providing this service with a new tower on one of the highest spots in town.  If you have questions about cost, which plan is best for you, or the schedule of the new tower, you can contact them at: 



Picnic in the Park 2014

Picnic in the Park


Restoration of the 1910 School Building

We are so close!!  We still need your help reaching our goal.  To date, we have received $117,500 and have only $20,615 to go!  Please contact Rolf Ethun if you have questions at 715-686-2139 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Donations can be sent to the Town of Winchester Restoration Fund, 7228 Highway W, Winchester, WI  54557


The Winchester Town Board has authorized a capital campaign with a goal of $175,000 for exterior and interior restoration of the hundred year old school building which currently serves as the public library and community center.  Under guidance from the Historic Preservation Division of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, the Community and Historical Buildings Committee has developed plans to restore the school building originally built by the Turtle Lumber Co. in 1910 to serve the approximately 1,500 people in the fledgling mill town of Winchester.  Over recent years the Town Board has spent approximately $90,000 in infrastructure up-dates to the building, including ADA compliant bathroom, heating, air conditioning, insulation, foundation repair, up-graded electrical wiring and more.  It was agreed that restoration, including replacement of the belfry, installation of energy-efficient and authentic windows, replicating the original wood siding and paint colors, and interior restoration to include replication of the original wainscoting, all would be done with donated funds.  The committee is pleased to announce that a $75,000 challenge gift has been pledged upon successfully raising the balance of $100,000.  Residents of Winchester, families of former students at the Winchester School, or anyone with connections and caring for the Town of Winchester are encouraged to help meet that challenge and goal by sending a tax deductible donation to the Town of Winchester Restoration Fund, 7228 County Highway W, Winchester, WI  54557.

Proposed Plan

Original Building


Welcome to the Town of Winchester, Wisconsin -- "The Real Northwoods!"

Winchester is located in the northwest corner of Vilas County, bounded by Michigan's Upper Peninsula to the north, Iron County to the west, the town of Presque Isle to the east and the town of Manitowish Waters to the south. 

Winchester covers over 34,000 acres and is covered by lakes, with 34 named and 29 unnamed. Almost 80% of the town's area is wooded, and we have more than 6,000 acres of public land as part of the Northern-Highland American Legion State Forest. 

Winchester is a small community most of the year, with approximately 400-500 permanent residents (estimated in the year 2012). Like many towns in the Northwoods, we have a larger summer population, with approximately 3000 seasonal residents. Our area is perfect for summer activities like fishing, boating and hiking. Winter sports such as skiing, snowmobiling and snowshoeing are also popular.

Please see our Notices section for current news. See AIS Warnings. 



Items that may need correction within the website....please contact the Town Clerk via email: 


Questions? Direct them to the Town Office via Email:  or call





 ??TownTAAWTown Hall Office Hours: 
Tuesday 8 am-2 pm

Town Hall Phone #
(715) 686-2123

Website Contact
Phone:  715-686-2996

Transfer Station

A new trash compactor has been installed at the Transfer Station.  Recycle Bins in the parking lot will no longer be used.  All recyclables should be placed in the new compactor inside the building.  Please remember, no plastic bags in the conpactor.  If you have questions, please talk with Donnie at 715-686-7500.  Also, remember these are the official hours:

Monday 9-4
Thursday 9-4
Saturday 9-4
Sunday 9-1
These are the only hours materials can be dropped off!


Building Permits

Building permits are required in the Town of Winchester.  Please contact RC Inspection Agency. Tel. (715) 543-2094 Rick Clem.  The UDC Ordinance is on the Ordinances tab on the bottom left side of this Home Page.

Do You Need a Street Address/Fire Number?

The town of Winchester does not issue street addresses. If you need an address, also called a "fire number", contact Becky Nordine at Vilas County Mapping. Phone # 715 479 3655.

They will assign the address and notify the town. The town will provide the sign and post, but only orders them when we qualify for bulk prices. You are free to put up a temporary sign with your number on it in the meantime.  If you have questions contact Tom Ghiloni at 715 686 2580.


New Video

A new menu item has been added on the left.  Local resident, Dave Peters, made this video from his pictures he took while kayaking on Rock Lake.  Thanks Dave for your wonderful work!  Check this out, and enjoy great scenes from his kayak.